Rigging simulated bullet hits in actors has never been easier.

The Non-explosive bullet hit simulator
This little gadget makes it possible to simulate a bloody bullet hit in an actor using a non-explosive method.

Tjej mot vit bakgrund

The heart of the system is a special transparent nozzle that is firmly attached to the inside of the shirt of the actor. The nozzle is connected to a radio-controlled receiver on the belt of the actor.

Off-stage, the special effects operator is ready for his cue - and when the actor is to be "hit", the operator pushes a button. The blood is instantly forced through the nozzle and the garment to give the impression of a bullet wound.

The shirt may be pre-scored to open up when blood comes gushing - but normally the imitation blood shoots through the actual fibers of the fabric without damaging the clothes while simulating a "hit" (well, they turn red, so you'll have to wash them in order to re-use them).

The nozzle may also be connected to a manual pump that can be operated so simulate intermittent bleeding - "pulse flow".

This is a must in every special effects technicians kit. You are always ready and never need permits. Less hassle, less red tape, less expense, less danger, but definitely more bang for your buck!

Två coola grabbar Note: Never use real blood due to the infection risk! ONLY use film / stage blood. We can supply thin blood, perfect for this unit.
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This system works extra well if the garment is loosley woven, like T-shirts, mens shirts etc. It relies on the fact that a garment "breathes" and allows moisture to pass though it

If it is permeable you can also shoot imitation blood through it.

Bågskytt If you want to use a raincoat, thin leather or something else that is normally waterproof - you can still use the non-explosive squib. Just pre-score the material where you want the "hit" to appear.
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