Rigging a bullet hit in an actor has never been easier!

Rigging a squib used to be difficult
Special permits, expensive squibs, difficult storage and transportation, electric firing, flying shrapnel - lots could go wrong!

On top of that - an expensive special effects technician - like myself - often made a simple bullet hit prohibitively expensive as work hours add up to travel times.

Not any more! Quick, safe and at a low price. Rig it yourself without a license!

There had to be a better way!
We have worked on special effects since 1986. We've been involved in building monsters, setting fire to actors and buildings - and we have worked on Poltergeist 2, UHF, Big Trouble in Little China, Predator, The Abyss and a hundred other productions in the US, in Germany and in Sweden.

Like all effects companies, we have rigged bullet hits in actors many times, but it has bothered us that we had to use an explosive charge (called an electrically fired "squib"). It is expensive, dangerous and you still never know if it will look good when filming.

So we thought we should come up with something new...

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The NEW non-explosive squib has these advantages:

Rig it yourself!
No need for expensive pro's. Rig it yourself and never worry about explosive licenses or special storage containers.

The hit looks real!
Blood flies through the shirt in a very convincing way. You can set it to pump intermittently like the human pulse would - or let the imitation blood shoot out with force.

It's safe!
No explosives. No risk for flying shrapnel, damaged camera lenses or burnt skin. Never buy ear plugs for the crew again!

Rigs really fast!
Pre-load the system and just press in position in seconds! Makes retakes a breeze!

Lots of bang for your buck!
With our affordable kit you can repeat the effect AS OFTEN AS YOU WISH! Just add more fake blood.

Re-use the shirt!
It does sound incredible - but yes - you can re-use the shirt. Rig the hit so the shirt is not even damaged!

Our blood hits are green!
The old explosive squib uses high explosives that contain chemicals polluting the environment with toxic fumes when detonating. Not ours!

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Our products.
Get the new generation of bullet hits here!


Made for
film & TV.
A hidden unit on the actor stores the blood and electronics.

At the push of a button, the blood hit appears on the actor through the shirt. As the hit makes very little noise you need to add a sound effect.

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